Aras Edizioni
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In 2008 the adventure called Aras Edizioni starts...
Aras Edizioni entered the world of publishers as a fresh and original reality. Since then our catalogue has started to take shape more and more every day.

On the one hand, the section "universitaria" collects education textbooks, monographs, essays, conference proceedings that contemplate different scientific fields, even if it is specialized in Humanities. It is particularly in this field that we decided to operate in an innovative and organized way, including the possibility to convert the texts in e-books, and define a peer review committee, for the selection and valuation of the proposals that reach the newsroom. Moreover, Aras Edizioni adheres to VQR 2004-2010 promoted by ANVUR (the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems).

On the other hand, the section "altri orizzonti" introduces those emerging writers that stand out thanks to an elegant and refined style and, in the majority of cases, to a firm connection with the territory. This is the place of narrative proposals, from novels to short stories, from dramas to prose.
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