Associazione di studi storici Elio Conti
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The Association of Historical Studies "Elio Conti" was founded in Florence in 2001, uniting history professors and researchers with the common goal of divulging historical knowledge specific to the Tuscan environment. Since its inception the Association has financed, on its own and jointly, the publication of original studies and primary sources of Tuscan history. Since 2016 the Association has begun an independent publishing activity with the launch of the series "Studies and sources of Tuscan history". The series is being published under a Creative Commons license with the intention of giving the published contents the maximum exposure and distribution. An international scientific Committee ensures the quality of the published volumes, which undergo a double-blind refereeing. The volumes, in digital format, can be freely downloaded from the Association's website (www.asstor.it) as well as from the Casalini Torrossa website. The corresponding printed publications can be purchased from Casalini Libri.
Associazione di studi storici Elio Conti
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