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DYKINSON, S.L., an independent publishing house with more than 35 years of experience, offering a specialized bibliography for professionals in the legal field, as well as the fields of economy and business, the humanities, education, and psychology. Responding to the bibliographical demands of these fields, as well as those of researchers, educators, and interested parties, Dykinson carries out the publication of essays, monographs, studies, electronic books (eBooks), manuals, etc., continually updating and expanding the specialized knowledge that it publishes and distributes.
Dykinson, S.L. publishes more than 90 titles each year, and offers a virtual bookstore with more than 25,000 titles from its various publishing houses through its website: With the application of the new Information and Communication Technologies (TIC) of the society of information and knowledge we can achieve an important renovation and specialization of the website that increases the distribution and promotion of our national and international bibliography. It also offers the possibility of acquiring electronic books (eBooks) from around the world, and online purchases of contents and chapters, magazine articles, etc. through our service: Dykinson-online. Dykinson's bibliographical specialization and its collaboration with universities and other public and private institutions means ongoing development, increasing the bibliographical materials that it publishes and distributes, spanning disciplines such as the social sciences, the humanities, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, etc.