Cooperative strategies and value creation in sustainable food supply chain : Proceedings of the 54th SIDEA Conference - 25th, SIEA Conference Bisceglie/Trani, September 13th - 16th 2017

2018 - Franco Angeli
ID: 4925692
ISBN: 9788891786883
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    320 p.


    • This book contains the proceedings of the LIV Conference SIDEA and the XXV Convention SIEA, with the formula of a joint Conference titled "Cooperative strategies and value creation in sustainable food supply chain". Cooperation in all its forms represents a valuable paradigm to define new horizons of development and build new organizational models of value creation according to a sustainable approach not referred to a single unit, but to the entire supply chain. The thematic areas have allowed us to investigate the issue in all its aspects, starting from the analysis of the main production and consumption models, up to organizational models, forms of territorial, sectoral and environmental cooperation, and policies with which to add value to the supply chain. [Publisher's text].
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