EUWEB legal essays : global & international perspectives

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ISSN: 2785-5228
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    • EUWEB Legal Essays. Global & International Perspectives (ISSN: 2785-5228) was born in 2022 from the EUWEB research group's desire to make the most of and build on the scientific results achieved within the 2019–2022 Jean Monnet Module EU-Western Balkans Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs. In addition, the research group seeks to disseminate the research conducted by the EUWEB Legal Observatory on a platform promoting the scientific work of scholars, practitioners, and stakeholders in the fields of EU and International Law, particularly in the relationship with the Western Balkans. EUWEB Legal Essays publishes two online issues per year (winter and summer) of articles exploring particularly the external dimension of immigration, the fight against transnational crime, judicial and police cooperation, and the protection of fundamental rights, promoting a multidisciplinary approach in legal studies. [Publisher's text]
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