Environment in times of war : climate and energy challenges in the Post-Soviet Region

2022 - Ledizioni
ID: 5311332
ISBN: 9788855267335
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    144 p. : ill.


    • Includes bibliographical references.
    • The impact of Russia's war against Ukraine has beendevastating both politically and environmentally. Ontop of the environmental damage directly caused bymilitary operations, the invasion has put an abruptend to the EU-Russia “green cooperation”, which hadpreviously raised many hopes. At the same time, it hasalso shifted international attention away from climate andenvironmental concerns, which are particularly acute in thepost-Soviet region.This Report analyses some of the main climate change andenvironmental issues in the post-Soviet space, providingan initial assessment of the invasion's impact.
    • The bulk ofthe latest scholarly and policy production on these mattersfocuses on Russia – given the country's geopoliticaland energy relevance. However, this analysis finds thatenvironmental disasters such as the desertification of theAral Sea transcend state borders and require a broaderapproach both from an analytic and policy standpoint. [Publisher's text]
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