The future of Xi's China : scenarios and implications for Europe

2022 - Ledizioni
ID: 5394798
ISBN: 9788855267731
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    144 pages


    • Includes bibliographical references.
    • At the upcoming 20th Party Congress, which opens Sunday in China, Xi Jinping is expected to be confirmed as the country's Secretary General for an unprecedented third term. At a time of international instability caused by the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, as well as rising competition between international superpowers, the Chinese leadership is called to increase the country's international standing, while ensuring economic growth at the domestic level. However, achieving these goals will not be without challenges. This Report analyses China's hard road to international prestige and development. Which prospects for China's economic growth? Which obstacles to its rise at the global level? To which extent can the Party steer the country's direction? [Testo dell'editore]
    • Collected essays.


    • Xi, Jinping
    • China -- Politics and government
    • China -- Foreign relations
    • China -- Forecasting