Old Church Slavic : grammar and dictionaries

2023 - Firenze University Press
ID: 5525519
ISBN: 9791221501049
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    799 p.


    • Includes bibliographical references and index
    • This book contains a synchronic grammar and grammatical dictionaries of Old Church Slavic. The framework is based on a substantially revised version of the classical descriptive methodology. The intent is to improve on the classical monographs by Vaillant, Diels, Lunt in the direction of utmost completeness, explicitness, and deliberate consistency between the grammatical structure, the corpus of texts (limited to the seven oldest OCS manuscripts), and the dictionaries. The grammar is intended as a set of rules that provide a complete characterization of any OCS wordform. Peculiarities in the language of each source are described as systematic departures from canonical OCS, a conventional constructed variety primarily described by the grammar. The book is addressed to linguists working in Slavic studies, as well as to specialists in the general theory of grammar, especially phonologists and morphologists.
    • Data from the dictionaries are freely available as a searchable database online here. Anna Polivanova graduated in linguistics in 1967 at the Moscow State University, where she also obtained her PhD in 1970. Her research activity started at the Machine Translation Laboratory under the supervision of Igor Mel'čuk. Since the end of the 1960s, she taught several courses at her home university, and since the 1990s, also in other universities located in Moscow. She authored three monographs and numerous articles ranging from phonetics to morphology and syntax, from the study of ancient languages to the problems of mathematical methods in linguistics. [Publisher's text]
    • Original title: Staroslavjanskij jazyk.