Icelandic farmhouses : identity, landscape and construction (1790-1945)

2023 - Firenze University Press
ID: 5632362
ISBN: 9791221500844
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    117 p. : ill. (some color)


    • Includes bibliographical references and index.
    • Icelandic Farmhouses. Identity, Landscape and Construction (1790-1945) retraces the history of Icelandic rural architecture between the late eighteenth century and the mid-twentieth century. Through the study of Icelandic rural buildings, this book narrates a very special history of architecture: one of adaptation and tradition, scarcity of building materials and transfers of knowledge with Europe. The history of Icelandic farmhouses is intermixed with construction issues, nationalistic debates, and a quest for a much-needed modernization of the standards of living. The book aims to retrace the role of modern building techniques in the development of Icelandic rural architecture and society. [Publisher's text]