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Eurilink University Press, created in 2006, became the Link Campus University and Foundation Press in 2011. The aim is to meet the requirements of all those — researchers, students, scholars, and non-scholars — who feel the need for an open and cosmopolitan interpretation of society and the world, and are eager to draw on the new frontiers of knowledge. The mission is to construct a cultural bridge between the university and global society by offering academically rigorous publications with the engagement of top opinion leaders, professors, and women and men of culture and learning. Eurilink publishes in Italian and English using online as well as traditional distribution channels and, to date, she has published about 200 titles, distributed in sixteen different editorial series. The Editorial Board determines our editorial guidelines and the Scientific Committees and Editorial Departments of each of our scholarly series determine the titles to be published and verify their academic credentials. Publications devoted to University Education and Academic Research and Dissemination are subject to double peer review.