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G. Giappichelli Editore, one of the historical brands of the Italian publishing industry, was established in 1921 by Modesto Giappichelli.
The publication of the first lectures of jurisprudence dates back to that time. Illustrious authors were being published then, such as Professor Gino Segre, Roman Law scholar, Senator Francesco Ruffini of Ecclesiastical Law, Professor Luigi Einaudi of Financial Science, Professor Gioele Solari of Philosophy of Law.
Over fifty employees, more than 400 new titles a year, the publishing house, now one of the few that is still entirely in Italian hands, is growing, although it continued to observe the guidelines issued by its founder, distinguished by an editorial productive excellence in all fields of law and economics and imposing itself as an essential point of reference for professionals and students of law, economics and social sciences.
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