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Guida Editori srl is born in 2011, by Diego Guida's initiative. He belongs to the third generation of a booksellers and publishers family. His grandfather, Alfredo Guida, started the business in the Twenties, by opening a bookshop in Port'Alba, the heart of the old town center of Naples. Ten years later he founded the namesake publishing house, and published "Opera Omnia" by the senator of Italian Kingdom and president of the Lincei Accademy Francesco D'Ovidio. In 1935 the new publisher received the first gold medal for international publishing at the Brussels book fair.

Through World War II the publishing house underwent a forced interruption of the production, while the bookshop in Port'Alba was becoming the landmark of the intellectuals, who took advantage of Alfredo Guida hospitality in order to enliven social and political debate. This events laid the foundations of a cultural space which would become the "Saletta Rossa", the so-called "Red Room" because of the wall color, that held the best representatives of Italian and foreign culture: Roland Barthes, Dominique Fernandez, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginzberg, Umberto Eco, Giorgio Bassani, Alberto Moravia, Pierre Klossowski, George Simenon and many more.

In the meantime, Alfredo Guida gave way to Guida Editori through the lucky book series "La Biblioteca di saggistica", followed by "Il Saggittario" directed by Edoardo Sanguineti and "Micromegas", with the first Italian translation of Hegel's "Early theological writings" and Heindegger's writings. The business increased and reached European borders, and the effort is compared to the national and European production in ad original and ongoing way.

Through the years both the publishing seals interchanged until Diego Guida, because of his local management experience, his lectureship and the large tasks in this trade, decided to impress a new flow to the family history and to become spokesman of the changed publishing market needs, establishing the new "Guida Editori". The newly born publishing seal ranges from university essay to storytelling and poetry, thanks to series, counselors and series manager among the most known on the Italian and international overview. The latest settlement with the Messagerie Libri distribution has allowed a good presence in national stores. Since 2013 Guida Editori has also started the printing of the newspaper "Spazi Culturali" in order to take part to the debate about the culture values as an economical resource for the Country.

In a short time, the location of the publishing house, in via Bisignano, in the heart of the old town center of Naples, has become a perfect cultural initiatives place.
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