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"By knowledge I will break the barriers of ignorance, I will fill your hearts with understanding and compassion.
If you work and will be worthy, I will show you a great freedom, a freedom which you didn't even dream before.
I have come to help you realize unity beyond division.
What I want for you all is unity and the awareness that we are all One and the same." (Babaji)

Jai Amba = Victory to the Cosmic Energy

J. Amba work to realise this plan of Babaji. J. Amba builds "friends", those for the dark days. A friend can be a book or a music that reminds you who you are, the truth hidden in yourself, and the trust into the cosmic plan of salvation.
J. Amba is a channel of Hairakhan Babaji for those who want immunity from the illusions by means of Truth, Simplicity, Love.
Books, music, films, photo, art: tools for a real uplift of consciousness just here and now.
J. Amba Edizioni
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