La Ergástula
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La Ergástula is an academic's History books publishers, specialized in archeology, art history or architecture, dedicated to studies on Prehistory, Antiquity and, especially, the Middle Ages period. These are publications made by and for specialists from each period and discipline, always seeking the highest scientific quality.

Since 2008 La Ergástula has created a selected catalog of academic texts from university world and professional works (Doctoral thesis, master dissertations, proceedings,...) These works have been grouped in different editorial series according to their thematic discipline, some of them in collaboration with different university departments. All the editorial series have external evaluation processes peer reviewed by external professionals, betting on the highest academic quality.

La Ergástula is indexed in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers (NPU-NSD), in the el Publication Forum de la Finnish scientific community, and in the Scholarly Publishers Indicators, which evaluates editorial prestige (Grupo ÍLIA / CSIC).
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