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From 2012, the editorial of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport is responsible for the edition of the works dealing with the three areas of knowledge in the title of the Ministry. This new Publisher was born as a result of the union of the departments of Education and Culture and its Autonomous Agencies, together with the Higher Council for Sports. Previously, these three publication centers had already formed a single publishing unit between 1996-2004, date in which Culture, since its inception in 1976, restarted its career independently as a result of the re-creation, once more, of the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Education has its Publishing Centre since1940 and the Higher Council for Sports, since 1977. The editorial activity is currently among those topics of interest considered by this Ministry: education, vocational training and universities, training of teachers, educational technology, educational cooperation, etc.; culture, Spanish heritage, state museums and arts museums, cinematographic and audiovisual activities, cultural cooperation, etc.; sport, sport science, sport and society, sport and health, sports facilities, women and sport, history of sport, etc.
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
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