CPL - Centro Primo Levi
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Centro Primo Levi Editions presents the English speaking world with a selection of classic and new texts on Primo Levi and on Italian Jewish history, culture and tradition.

Since the invention of the printing press, publishing and printing became a thriving field for Italian Jews. The first Hebrew book was published in Reggio Calabria in 1475, and until the 19th century, Italy remained a center of Jewish publishing in a world where books increasingly became the principal vehicle for the circulation of ideas, innovation and exchange in the Italian Jewish world. CPL Editions seeks to make available this wealth of writings, spanning early medieval rabbinical scholarship to contemporary astrophysics, philosophy and fiction.

Our books are arranged in thematic series: Primo Levi Papers, Italian Judaica, Conference Proceedings, Memoirs & Biographies, The Arts, History, and Scientific Culture.

CPL Editions stems from a deep conviction that the selected texts are the carriers of a rich cultural tradition, crucial for understanding the specific contribution of Italian Judaism for the world at large.
CPL - Centro Primo Levi
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