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University of Deusto has been involved in publishing since its foundation in 1886, but it was in 1905 with the journal ┬źEstudios de Deusto┬╗ that it began its activity. The Publications Department, as a university service, was created in 1972 to publish textbooks and manuals for its students.
At present, Deusto's publishing activity is focused on the scientific work carried out by its lecturers. It publishes a number of interdisciplinary studies that are informative in nature as well as detailed research work related to specific scientific and technical aspects typical of the field of humanities.
Book series are grouped in seven colours: green for Arts, Philosophy and Theology, maroon for social-legal issues, yellow and orange for Economics and Computing, black for Humanities, blue for institutional issues or university thinking, and grey for other book series in Migrations, Humanitarian Aid and Journals.
A Publications Commission reporting to the Vice-Rector's Office for Research is in charge of selecting new titles. Its main function is the scientific control of books that will bear the university publishers stamp. To this purpose, it requests opinions of external experts from outside the University of Deusto.
The Publications Department belongs to the Basque Country's Publishers Association and the Spanish University Publishers Association.
Universidad de Deusto
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