Trajectories : selected papers in East Asian studies

2019 - Firenze University Press
ID: 4485972
ISBN: 9788884533944
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    viii, 123 p.

    • Includes bibliographical references.
    • This volume gathers artiche related to different research areas within the field of East Asian Studies. Organized in a Japanese and a Chinese section, these studies use different approaches within humanities disciplines to explore topics ranging from classical and contemporary East Asian literature to the study of second language acquisition across European and Asian languages. The collection offers an intentionally interdisciplinary approach so to provide a broader perspective on the literatures and languages of Japan and China. The authors featured in the volume are Claudia Iazzetta, Luca Capponcelli, Gala Maria Follaco for the Japanese section and Lara Colangelo, Franco Ficetola and Xu Hao for the Chinese section. Ikuko Sagiyamais a professor of Japanese Language and Literature at the University of Florence. Her major field of research is Japanese Classical Literature, especially Heian poetry and fiction.
    • Miriam Castorinais a Researcher Fellow of Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Florence. Her research mainly focuses on the history of cultural contacts between Italy and China.[Publisher's text]
    • Collected essays.